• About me

    I grew up on a camper van and ever since childood I started using photography as a tool to map the world around me and record places. Nowadays my investigation is based on observation and analysis of relationship betweem man, territory and time. I use photography to understand situation, to understand the particular shifting from modernity and post modernity reflected in the environment I live in. Materials for my research are the signs left by man on the landscape and over the time - such as architecture- or objects which express man’s relationship with the time in which he lives, in the civilization of the past and that of today. I read architecture and urban enviroments as metaphors for the society that inhabits it. In my photographic work humans are mostly absent. They have left their tracks and I like to evoke individuals through their intervention on landscape. When they are present they are involontary witnesses in small scale, and archtiecture became a theatre.